One comment on “The elephant gun in the room

  1. I very much agree with you. I used to be pro gun, but I was mostly ok with the idea of a small pistol for home defense. My ex husband owned a gun business, and he kept at least one fully loaded gun on him at all times, even in his sleep he was often fully armed. When I say fully armed, I also mean at least three fully loaded mags attached to his person. He also had an assortment of knives and other objects at his disposal at any given time. He was a walking arsenal. He also thought the big shot got, or his AR-15’s were great for home defense, along with his hollow-point bullets. He thought it was his right to have these things because of the 2nd amendment. I have heard that debate often, its they’re right because of the 2nd amendment, and because they can. I have never understood how having a serious arsenal that is fully loaded and armed at all times could possibly be safe.

    I am more afraid now, cause any idiot can have a gun. A person can go up to a gun show and bypass any sort of background checks if they go to the right tables. Also, silencers can easily be obtained at some gun shows, once again, no background checks.

    There is a mass shooting for every day of the year now, and it is a little frightening. All the Christian, conservative, gun toting idiots are not the cause. They blame terrorists, and people of color.

    The NRA has multiple programs to get guns in the hands of children, now that is a thought. If I didn’t know so much about the seedy, shady side of the gun industry, perhaps I would not be so concerned.

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